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Bangladesh Mechatronics Industries Limited (BMi), is one of the fastest growing Electromechanical equipment Manufacturers and solution Providers in Bangladesh. BMi was established in 2017, though its root goes a long way back from 2007. During this time period, we have reached a dominant position in our operative field.
The core business division in which BMi operates are, project based solutions & maintenance service provider as well as manufacturing. BMi has a competent team willing to address any complex safety problems which also includes fire safety and fluid machineries, transmission & control.

We are the Solution Partner of EMACO GLOBAL, An universally acclaimed brand from USA; Which provides full spectrum of Electromechanical products, services & solutions. To ensure the highest degree of quality, we’ve equipped our professional body with skilled Design, R&D and Technical team. With the support by a robust management and sourcing provided by EMACO we boast of being one of the best in the fields.

Our provided products and services are accredited by local and international accreditation bodies like BSTI, UL, FM, LPCB etc. We are on the process of being certified by ISO. BMi’s new factories along with a fabrication & extinguisher refilling plant are located at Sripur, Gazipur; around 50KM from Dhaka.

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end-to-End Solution


BMi offers a “one-stop end-to-end” solution for our customers, ranging from Manufacturing products as per requirements to distribution and providing services to downstream clients footsteps.

 Investment for fire safety should give our customers peace of mind for a few decades.


Engineers working on the Automatic Fire Suppression System in Summit Narayanganj Powerplant Battery Room.

Fully Commissioned Fire Fighting Pump Set for Hydrant, Foam & Fixed Spray Cooling System

Our Engineers at work in Essential Drugs Company Limited (Gopalganj) Project

Fixed Spray Fire Suppression System in High Voltage Transformer area.